Gigaset Comfort 550 Renkli Ekran Dect Telsiz Telefon

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Gigaset Comfort 550 Renkli Ekran Dect Telsiz Telefon


Gigaset COMFORT 550
The new standard in comfortable communication at home and for home offices
With the COMFORT 550, Gigaset presents the new standard for cordless telephony at home and in the home
office. The timeless, elegant design cuts a fine figure both on the desk and throughout the home.
Calls and conference calls in HD quality
For professional use, the Gigaset COMFORT 550 impresses with a professional headset connection and an integrated handsfree feature in HD quality: this leaves your hands free for good conversations and direct transcripts. Excellent voice quality is
also guaranteed for classic phone calls.
A sustainable design for all generations
The new Gigaset generation gives lasting pleasure with high-quality materials and simple operation. And that even across
generations: Thanks to the optimal readability of the display and hearing aid compatibility, enjoying communication is no longer
a question of age.
Comfort call protection blocks unwanted numbers
Unwanted calls are a challenge in every phase of life: This is where Gigaset has developed a new function with the Comfort Call
Protection that protects against annoying advertising calls. Local, individual blocking is possible for up to 150 phone numbers. If
this number is ever reached, the oldest blocked call number is automatically replaced.
Innovative technologies, Made In Germany
The Gigaset COMFORT 550 is  based on our decades of experience in building high-quality communication solutions.
Continuously developed technologies such as ECO DECT and Green Office Energy Saving ensure excellent connections in
combination with a modern design. A new masterpiece, developed and 'Made In Germany'.

Ordering Information Colour black-chrome
Audio quality First-class sound quality and volume, even in hands-free mode
Hands-free function Handsfree mode on the handset
Acoustic profiles Two acoustic profiles for optimal hearing (high/low)
Ringtone output
Hearing aid compatible HAC (hearing-aid-compatible)
Key type Ergonomic keyboard made of high-quality material with noticeable
key pressure
Keyboard illumination
Type TFT colour display
Size (inch) 2.2"
Size (H xW) 44 x 35 mm
Resolution 220 x 176 Pixel
Colours 64 Thousand
Lighting Display illumination with adjustable colour schemes (black or white)
Alarm clock Alarm clock with adjustable melody and snooze function
Baby phone
Direct call The direct call function allows you to dial a preset telephone number
by pressing any key.
? On the handset
? Ringtone volume adjustable in 5 steps
? Illuminated keypad and navigation area: amber
? Illuminated pick-up/hang-up key, incl. hands-free function
? 5-way navigation button
? Direct dialling from the call list possible
? Safe operation due to large individual buttons
? Two freely assignable display keys for frequently used functions
? Assigning the display keys by pressing the display key for a long
? Programmable speed dialling keys (keys 2 - 9)
? Flash function via "0" key
? Flash times adjustable
? Key lock on/off via # key
? Ringtone on/off via * key
? Best readability
? High contrast
? Room monitoring (baby monitor) with adjustable intercom function
? Forwarding to external, e.g. mobile phone
? Forwarding to internal, to additional handset
? Calendar with monthly overview and appointment planner for:
? 30 Appointments with text and separate ringtone
? Birthday reminder for each phone book entry
? Send and receive SMS up to 612 characters
? Save 50 SMS
Signalling & display
Jumbo mode Large font when dialling
Screen saver Analogue or digital clock
CLIP Call display with telephone number or name (CLIP/CNIP)
Incoming calls
Missed call
Display and flashing message key signal missed calls and provide
convenient access to the message list (LED flashing can be switched
on / off)
Idle mode
Phone call Call duration display
Device name
Indicator tones
Waiting melody Waiting melody e.g. for consultation
Call protection
Comfort call protection
Suppression of
anonymous calls Calls without a CLIP number are only displayed visually
Only contacts Only known callers are put through
Time control Day/night mode: time-controlled bell deactivation, except VIP
Phone book Address book
Dial functions
Dialling procedure
Menu Operation
Presentation Clear main menu with six icons per screen
Outdoors Up to 300 m
Indoors Up to 50 m
Range increase Increased range with Gigaset Repeater / Gigaset Repeater HX
? Call animation in the display
? Flashing handset key
? Name substitution from telephone book
? Date and time display
? Display of field strength and battery charge indicator
? Functions of the display keys
? Display of new messages
? Handset name editable
? Base station name editable
? 5 volume levels + OFF + crescendo
? 18 melodies in the handset
? Individually adjustable ringtones for external, internal and VIP calls
? Warning tone when range is exceeded
? Indicator tones (e.g. button click or battery almost empty)
? Individual blocking of up to 150 telephone numbers
? The last number added automatically replaces the oldest blocked
phone number on the caller list.
? Number blocking enables permanent blocking and protection
against automatic deletion of a phone number
? Address book for up to 200 entries
? First name
? Last name
? Telephone number (private)
? Telephone number (mobile)
? Telephone number (office)
? VIP Melody
? Birthday/anniversary
? Direct dialling from the call list possible
? Redialling the last 20 numbers
? Call preparation (entering the number before the actual dialling
procedure) with correction option
? Prefix support (prefixes)
? Multi-frequency dialling (DTMF)
? Pulse dialing method (IWV)
? Easy installation: unpack, plug in and make calls (handsets are
already registered to the base)
? Intuitive menu navigation for easy operation
? Convenient menu navigation in different languages (D, GB, F, I, E,
P, TR, etc.)
? Easy operation via coloured symbols, menu texts and display keys
Missed calls & caller
Caller list Call lists with phone number (CLIP/CNIP) and date/time for all calls
(60 entries) and for outgoing, incoming and incoming calls.
Direct dial Direct dialling from the call list
Operation of several
Simultaneous calls 2 simultaneous calls possible (1 external and 1 internal between 
2 handsets)
Quantity handsets Up to 6 handsets can be registered (For more information: 
Internal telephone calls
Phone book transfer Phone book transfer between handsets
Call forwarding Transferring a call to another handset, with enquiry / recall function.
Power supply
Talk time Up to 17 hours
Stand-by time Up to 320 hours
Battery 2 x AAA (NiMH)
Data backup Date and time secured in case of power failure
Power supply unit 230V plug-in power supply Base station
Reduction of the
transmitting power
Automatic reduction of radio power depending on the distance of the
handset to the base station
Reduction of energy
Up to 60% less energy consumption due to energy-saving power
supply unit
Radiation-free Radiation-free in standby mode, even when operating several
handsets, if the base and all registered handsets support ECO DECT
Compatibility Standards
Headset connection via jack socket (3.5 mm)
Analogue telephone
connection Connection of an external telephone line (a/b)
Regulations -
Specifications Protection class IP20 (handset)
Dimensions &
Device Height Width Depth Weight
Handset 161 mm 52 mm 26 mm 115 g
Base (System) 46 mm 84 mm 104 mm 76 g
Handset incl. base 170 mm 84 mm 104 mm 191 g
Scope Of Delivery***
1x Handset
1x Base station
1x Power adaptor
1x Telephone connection cable
2x AAA rechargeable batteries
1x Battery cover
1x Beltclip
1x Short user guide 

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